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Welcome to Indian Exibitions, Conferences & Events Services Association (IESA)

IESA Objectives • Express the views of Event, Exhibition and Conference Services Companies to Government departments, Parliament, Trade Commission, ITPO and other relevant organizations. • To research, aggregate, analysis, publish statistics on Event Services Sector and other relevant market information. • To be a center providing commentary, guidance and advice on all legal and other regulatory developments of relevance to Event Services Sector • To provide a forum for the exchange of non-competitive information. • To promote the Event, Exhibition and Conferences Service Sector. To create safe working conditions for all employees in the industry. • To work closely with other associations for getting event and exhibition sector an industry status. • To collaborate with International Associations for betterment of Indian EEC Services sector • To open offices in major metros - New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Kolkata • To organize international exhibitions, conferences, and event services showcasing products and capacity available with IESA members, for growth of the industry. • To hold events, seminars and training programs for IESA members and their employees. • To build and run exhibition venues in partnership with privately held and government owned event Venues. • To set up a training institute for Event, Exhibitions and Conference Sector. • To initiate CSR activities for employees of the industry and the society at large. • To ultimately create a business environment conducive to wealth creation for all members, which will spur the industry to greater heights.